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Special Projects

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Art exhibition by loris Gréaud on the occasion of the 57th Venice Biennale
On the occasion of the 57th Venice Biennale, Loris Gréaud, french conceptual artist , sous le commissariat de Nicolas Bourriaud, under the curating of Nicolas Bourriaud, brings the Campollieto della Pescheria glass furnace, shut down for the last 60 years. The Unplayed Notes Factory  therefore invites visitors to venture out to the island of Murano to discover the awakening of this factory which has been turned into a true “tableau vivant’’.

As partners of this art exhibition, we were applied for the complete technical turn-key realization. Which is composed by the glass roof lighting, 5.1 sound diffusion, special effects management and integration but  with also the creation of a custom conveyor. The glass blower hooks on it his creation that, thanks to a drop system, sometimes fall on the ground to break. The atmosphere is surrealistic and magic happens.

The Unplayed Notes Factory in details >

Special Effects for the 15th attraction of Parc des Combes
At Le Creusot, in Burgundy Region, The Parc Touristique des Combes owns about fifteen attraction and a steam touristic train from 1900. In 2017, the park launches a new attraction, the Canad’R which, with its 40m high and its 5G acceleration, is the most spectacular attraction in the Park. The park’s managers contacted us to build a side attraction to animate and entertain visitors in the waiting queue.

We offered a trapper house enhanced with special effects automatically animated according to pre-made scripts and launched from the attraction control cabin. This FANTASTIC TRAP’HOUSE has smoke, mist, flame and water jets effects, paired with sound and light effects. This pre-show attraction has been fully conceived, realized and programed by our creative and technical teams, in less than 3 months. This makes a great benefit for the park since it is a firt-ever tool.

The Fantastic Traph House in details >

The Special Effects of the Electro Music Festival in France
The Inox Park Festival, initiated by Joachim Garraud, brings together each year the electronic music lovers on the l’île des Impressionistes.
Around 20 000 persons came on the island for the seventh edition of this famous Festival.

This year again, more than 30 DJ shared five stages on the site for around 13 hours of non-stop music. Promising artists and famous celebrities like Joachim Garraud, the organizer.
An amazing show enhanced by special effects omnipresent this year!
For this new edition we have installed more than 50 machines and mobilized 27 persons from our team to realize the special effects during the show.

Special thanks for all the organization staff and particularly Marc and Guillaume as well as all the public for the success of the event.

L'Inox Park 7 in details >

The Fairy effects of the central place in the park
The Land of Legends Theme Park is the result between Rixos Parks & Entertainment (Serik, Turkey) and Dragone Productions (La louvrière, Belgium) renowned for his international creativity.

The Park, recently opened, is part of the 1st world leasure destination. This complex combines entertainment, adventure, education, nature, luxury accommodation and a theater to create a mix of different attractions.

SFX Designer was asked for boosting central place of the Park with bubble machines. These one were installed on different neighboring balcony in order to cover all the place with a magical bubble cloud.
All machines were treated to be resistant to the saline air and humidity in the park.

The Land Of Legends in details >


Special effects for an aquatic show in an indoor pool. 
Moskvarium is a real living encyclopedia of the submarine world : there live killer whales, belugas, walruses and manatees but also a lot more animals, plants and corals.
Universal-Effects equipped the amphitheater with 51 special effects machines : Snow, Bubbles, Rain, Fragrances, Low Fog.
The setup is equipped with auto tank filler systems for the Snow, Bubble and Rain effects ; a technical achievement inside an exceptional volume.
Setup and turnkey execution under the supervision of our specialized engineers. 

Snow on the biggest Olympic skating rink of Dubai!
The Dubai Ice Rink is the biggest Olympic skating rink of Dubai. Located within a gigantic mall, it extends to 3 floors. It is open to the general public during the day and offers shows and exhibitions at night, hockey competitions and figure skating.
To add a bewitching effect, the management team  wished a continuous Snowfall over the entire surface of the skating rink.
A technical achievement we realized thanks to our distant auto tank filler systems that allowed us to supply the machines through 260m of pipes.


Impressive special effects for this prestigious and select club! 
Zero gravity is a private club near the beach at Dubai, growing and famous for its huge parties. Welcoming the best Dj in the world and offering exceptional show every nights, it is one of the most popular clubs of the city.
A special effects armada takes part in the reputation of those uncommon parties : Flame machines, Low fog, Co2 shots, and Bubble projection.  
A turnkey technical setup fully integrated in the very modern concept of this dance floor on the edge of the Persian Gulf.


The effects of one of Franco Dragone’s greatest spectacles!
Franco Dragone called on the most advanced technology innovations to meet the artistic creativity excellence. A breathtaking result unveiled for its first world premiere the 20th of last December at Wuhan.
The Universal-Effects equipments have been chosen for their unequalled efficiency that permitted to create a gigantic low fog carpet over more than 2000m² and a 50m high smoke fall;
Every machines UE Ice Tour 40 Evo used for this spectacle are managed by DMX and linked with Ethernet for a complete Monitoring from the main control table.


The special effects of the parc's new attraction 
Voted twice the world’s best park, the Puy du Fou features a multitude of spectacular shows, adventures for the whole family, enhanced by perfectly mastered professional special effects.  

The 2015 great new show: The Lovers of Verdun brings you in the trenches of the First World War. 

One of the challenges entrusted in us was to realize a continuous snow fall on the final scene. The machine produces its effect continuously during all the attraction’s opening time, so 10h of snow fall without a single break. 

To reinforce the attraction’s realism and immersion, machines have been set to spread odors of Cannon Powder, Washing Powder and Soup. Completely integrated in the scenery, black silk flames recreate the fire atmosphere.


Universal Effects Europe equips the three 4D movie theaters of the EU Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015
One of the most beautiful pavilion, the European Union's one, has chosen SFX DESIGN department's custom solutions and the Universal Effects products to equip its three 4D cinemas with atmospheric special effects.

Wind machines, Heat projection, Rain effect and Fragrance Diffuser, the whole automaticaly driven by the show controler during the 6 month of the expostion at a rate of 12H/day.  

Our expertise:
- Upgrading products according to requirements specification
- Machines set up at the operating site
- Rendering optimization with the Producers


Contemporary Circus Show 
with Special Effects on request!
The Russian Circus company KRAKATUK uses many Special Effects during its famous show CASSE NOISETTE, that has been making its name, all over the Russian Federation, for more than ten years.  

When the new show AVRORA, which is an ultra-modern version of the Sleeping Beauty, was created, with Tchaikovski's music, the artistic director, Oleg Chesnokov, asked us to take an active part in the design of the show, by integrating many elements specially designed for this work. 

We then created a Mechanical Hand, that moves in the space, as well as a Cup including a Giant Drink that can be filled with water or fume. Also used are powerful wind machines, CO2 jet machines, silk pennant releases, a rose petal drop and many other effects produced by the Universal-Effects brand. 


Multisensorial show created by 
Ambiance Design Production 
Artistic Director: Martin Gagnon
Outer Event-Show in which light, video, music and special effects combine to bring back to life the great moments of the history of the Hautes-Laurentides. 

This multimedia show uses the know-how of the Universal-Effects brand by using Snow and Cryogenics (CO2) Effects to maginfy reality. 

Very strong moments of the Hautes-Laurentides through this fantastic, incredible technological work. 

Machines used are UE ST-SNOW 500 - version 115V-60Hz, with frequency inverters to ensure a full control of the effect. CO2 jets are produced by UE JET-CO2 DUO machines.


A mythical TV show using UE Special Effects in China!
Our SFX expertise was honoured during the final of finals of all reality-TV shows in China. The company Beijing Colors asked us to realize all SFXs during this famous TV show where the future greatest talents of the Chinese scene performed. 

Very often we provide Special Effects technical services for prestige events, at the request of our local customers, with which we work in perfect partnership. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us !

Universal-Effects Europe propose, design and supply taylor-made Special Effects to the most important Major companies!
We supply, all over the world, equipments used to create Special Effects in the field of Leisure and Amusement. 

We create specific products, on request, according to your specifications and your needs. Our know-how is at your service! 

We have many references : 

We supply the most reknown American Major companies in Paris, Orlando, Honk Kong, Singapore, ... 

Europa Park, the Puy du Fou, the Futuroscope, the Marineland, ... 

We realize taylor-made equipments every day, so please, contact us ! 
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