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Universal Effects Europe is the exclusive distributor of brands: Universal Effects | United FX | Aroma Design | Premium Fluids. They are all made in Europe in our plant. Our theatrical Special Effects machines and fluids are designed to serve Show, Leasure, TV, Cinema and Event professionals. Since 2001, they have been recognized by all professionals, worldwide!
Innovation, Quality, Efficacity, we think of them daily! Assuring the quality of the fabrication and the following-up of products is our main concern. We create, for you, the best Machines and Consumables on the market, in the field of atmospheric Special Effects: "Confetti, Snow, Bubbles, Foam, Mist, Rain, Wind, CO2 Cryogenic Effects, Smells, Mist Fume,Silk Pennant, Inflatable Characters, Curtain Release, Confetti and Streamer Shooter"Our patented and recognized brands, as well as our advanced technologies are benchmarks and will guarantee you success with your projects and your business. 

Save your money by investing in Quality. Select products Made in Europe! 

Join our network of professionals and let us create together, this very day, tomorrow Theatrical Special Effects!

Contact our Sales Department, right now! 



Our philosophy in 3 points : 

« Make our customers earn money with our products, so that they re-invest in our company and together we grow »

Universal effects - effets spéciauxWe sell to Professionals all over the world through our global network of Distributors, Dealers & Service Providers. They can provide services and advices in relation with the sale, the installation and the renting of our products. Also, our specialized Business Project Managers are in charge of direct sales, from our plant, located in Europe. These Managers will offer you their skill and expertise. For each request, we do our best to provide advices and orientate customers to the best technical solution. Our recommendations are based upon our long field experience. We are experienced because, in the past, we have done the same job as our today customers.

Save your money by investing in Quality, through our "A la Carte" concept ! 
« Respecting our customers and insuring the After Sales Service are part of our daily job » 
Universal effects - effets spéciauxUnlike many offers of products you can find on the market, that are often very inspired by our own designs and concepts, we sell machines and consumables which comply with the same level of manufacturing requirements all over the year, at the best price. When you compare the same level of products and options, you will find out that our prices are very often the most attractive. All our products are genuine, home designed by our R&D Departement, under the control of the Product Manager. Our After Sales Service is an integral part of our products and is not optional. We always provide our customers with a solution! 

We have built our fame on our Service and on our Products! 
« Innovating, Creating and Fabricating tomorrow Theatrical Special Effects » 
Universal effects - effets spéciauxWe design our machines considering our customers' particular using conditions. Our priorities are creating reliable and performant products. All our concepts are evolutionary and, often, very innovative. We have designed again some effects by offering much more efficient and totally secured machines. Every day, we propose to you original new products, associations of effects, combining different techniques, so that their creativity can surprise you. Very often we create "Tailor-made" equipements for great Artists of superb Shows, whatever they are local of international. 

Do not hesitate to request an offer for your wildest projects! 
Don’t go wrong, Choose the brand of the Professionals !

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Universal Effects | United FX | Aroma Design | Premium Fluids | Premium Confetti
All our products are designed and completely Made in Europe except Confetti and Streamer consummables.

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